Men And Spousal Support

At Hajek & Beauclaire LLC, our lawyers represent men in disputes involving alimony or spousal support. Whether you are seeking alimony payments or want to ensure that you pay no more than is required under Minnesota law, our lawyers will work to protect your financial interests.

Spousal support is called maintenance in Minnesota. A court may order maintenance if the person seeking it lacks sufficient property or the ability to provide for his or her reasonable needs considering the standard of living established during the marriage. The amount and duration of alimony are determined by eight factors, including:

  • The financial resources of the person seeking alimony
  • The time needed to acquire the education or training needed to find suitable employment
  • The standard of living established during the marriage
  • The duration of the marriage, and, in the case of a homemaker, the length of absence from employment
  • The loss of earnings, seniority, retirement benefits and other opportunities foregone by the spouse seeking support
  • The age and physical and emotional condition of the person seeking alimony
  • The ability of the spouse from whom maintenance is sought to pay support
  • The contribution of each party in acquiring, preserving, depreciating or appreciating marital property, as well as contribution of a spouse as a homemaker or in furtherance of the other spouse's employment or business

Unlike child support, there is no formula to determine the amount and duration of spousal maintenance. Therefore, it's important to hire a skilled attorney to protect your interests.

Can A Husband Get Alimony? Under Minnesota law, spousal maintenance is determined by statutory factors, none of which are gender-based. Men can receive maintenance following divorce. Stay-at-home fathers may be entitled to spousal maintenance, child custody and child support following divorce.

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