Establishing Fair Child Support Agreements For Fathers

Child support is crucial to your child’s life after a divorce, and should provide stability through difficult times. Unfortunately, the burden it often places on one parent can lead to financial hardships — something the child ultimately suffers from as well.

At Hajek & Beauclaire LLC, we believe child support in Minnesota needs to reflect a family’s unique financial needs, rather than simply relying on standard formulas and calculations. In an effort to build up families, our lawyers have focused on representing fathers who pay child support as well as fathers who receive child support.

Too often, fathers struggle with biases in Minnesota family courts. Our goal is to ensure that child support is determined fairly and accurately in our clients’ cases. Contact our law firm for more information about how we can help you get the results you need.

Minnesota Child Support Guidelines

In Minnesota, child support is typically calculated using a formula. This formula takes into account the income of each parent and the percentage of time the child will spend with a noncustodial parent each year. Other factors go into the calculation as well, including:

  • The number of joint children
  • The potential incomes of each parent
  • The amount children receive from Social Security or veterans benefits, if any
  • The monthly amount each parent is required to pay in spousal support
  • The number of non-joint children living in the home
  • The monthly cost of health and dental coverage for the joint children
  • The percentage of overnight visits each parent has each year
  • The number of children in day care and the total cost of day care
  • Whether either parent receives day care or medical assistance for the joint children

Income can be disputed in cases of self-employment or underemployment. When necessary, our lawyers use experts such as forensic accountants to ensure that support payments are determined fairly. Child support can be changed after divorce if there is a change in the financial circumstances of either parent or the child custody arrangement.

Contact Our Minnesota Child Support Dispute Attorneys

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I talked to Jim and he asked me how the probate going. I said that it was all done and that you did an outstanding job!
I talked to Jim and he asked me how the probate going. I said that it was all done and that you did an outstanding job!
Bob helped me by using his vast experience and knowledge to get me the best out- come possible.
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