Protecting The Rights Of Minneapolis Fathers

Many fathers going through divorce in Minnesota may find the legal system stacked against them, despite the fact that gender preferences are not written into Minnesota law. Court-determined child custody, child support and spousal support agreements still often reflect unjustified biases toward mothers.

Your commitment being a good father should not be overlooked. At Hajek & Beauclaire LLC, we can help make sure your relationship with your child is preserved following your divorce or the breakup of your unmarried relationship.

You will find no greater advocate than our experienced fathers’ rights lawyers.

We are experienced in litigating a wide range of family law and divorce issues for dads throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area and Greater Minnesota, including:

Protecting The Rights Of Married And Unwed Fathers

Under Minnesota law, courts are required to make child custody decisions based on the best interests of the child. The best interests of the child are based on 13 statutory factors, none of which are gender-related.

Many judges, however, still presume that the mom should have primary custody. This is especially true in cases that involve children under 13 (the so-called tender years doctrine), unless the mom is unfit. Fathers who want primary child custody are therefore put in the position of proving to the court, through expert witnesses, that the mom is unfit. The younger a child, the greater the burden is on the father to prove this to the court.

Beginning at age 14, the child will have input on where he or she should live, and the legal case shifts from proving the unfitness of the mother to proving the fitness of the father.

Effective, Personal Service From Your Legal Team

These cases are complex, and it often takes a particularly skilled attorney to protect a father’s rights. Make sure your case is handled by someone who will care as much about the outcome as you do.

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I talked to Jim and he asked me how the probate going. I said that it was all done and that you did an outstanding job!
I talked to Jim and he asked me how the probate going. I said that it was all done and that you did an outstanding job!
Bob helped me by using his vast experience and knowledge to get me the best out- come possible.
I could always look to Bob to be the voice of logic when I needed guidance.
I changed attorneys during my divorce; I wish I had hired Bob Hajek from the start.
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