Comprehensive And Cost-Effective Representation

If your attorney is unfamiliar with the issues you are confronting during a divorce such as complex property division and valuation of businesses, the cost of your divorce will likely skyrocket. Why? Because your lawyer must rely on costly consultants to explain these things to him or her.

Additionally, many law firms share cases among attorneys, which can often result in duplicate work, and higher fees for you.

When you work with Robert Hajek on your divorce, he will quote you a fee at the start of your case and handle every aspect of your divorce. As an experienced business and real estate lawyer, Robert only brings in consultants when absolutely necessary to the successful outcome of your case.

Competitive Rates

Your primary concern in a divorce is protecting your assets. However, the high cost of divorce is often counterproductive to this goal.

Because Robert has experience handling the complex issues associated with high-asset divorce, he is able to keep attorney fees in check. Like any business transaction, Robert strives to help you resolve your matter as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. He understands financial statements, he’s skilled at mediation and litigation, and he has the means and the skill to get you what you want. If consultants are necessary in your case, you can rest assured that Robert knows how to give them exactly what they need to render the opinion most in your favor.

Robert’s fees are very competitive. When you first meet with him, he will go over the facts of your case and quote you an individual fee. He will also provide you with a written retainer agreement clearly outlining all the terms of his legal representation.

There are no surprises when you work with Robert Hajek.

Work With An Experienced And Cost-Effective Minnesota Divorce Attorney

Who do you want on your side of the table? Contact Robert online or call him at 952-373-0121 .

I talked to Jim and he asked me how the probate going. I said that it was all done and that you did an outstanding job!
I talked to Jim and he asked me how the probate going. I said that it was all done and that you did an outstanding job!
Bob helped me by using his vast experience and knowledge to get me the best out- come possible.
I could always look to Bob to be the voice of logic when I needed guidance.
I changed attorneys during my divorce; I wish I had hired Bob Hajek from the start.
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